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Safety Is Our Business

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SafePath Systems

The Safe Path System begins with Staff Training and a Smart Control Station that recognizes individuals who have successfully completed the educational webinar, through security code arming of the system. There are two control stations, one on each side of the divider. The system requires that both control stations are activated simultaneously. Once activated, The SafePath System surrounds both sides of the folding partition with invisible detection zones. The zones form a blanket of coverage that, when intruded, halts operation and sounds and alarm.

The system's no-contact design prevents students from coming into contact with moving equipment. The coverage spans the entire length of the partition, from the stacking area to the final closure.

Our Mission

We Aim to Prevent Injury

State law requires that only appropriately trained staff operate motorized partitions and divider curtains. When operating the Safe Path System, there must

be two operators, one at each control station located at each side of the divider.

The operator must inspect all areas of possible intrusion. Be sure that all areas are free of people and debris. Inspect behind folded doors, the path of the door, and the area surrounding doors. Operators must have a full, unobstructed view of the operating area.

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