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Protecting Children Since 1991

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Safety Devices & Training for

Electrically Operated Dividers

Staff Training Webinar

Safe Path Systems, LLC presents Electric folding partition annual staff training procedure, compliant with New York State Education Law, the New York State Education Department regulations, Virginia Regulations, and Maryland Regulations for minimum standards of public school buildings.

Safe Path Systems is proud to present you with a complete overview of everything you and your staff need to know to operate electric folding partitions and divider curtains safely, and in compliance with State Requirements and Regulations.


The SafePath System

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The Safe Path System begins with Staff Training and a Smart Control Station that recognizes individuals who have successfully completed the educational webinar, through security code arming of the system. There are two control stations, one on each side of the divider. The system requires that both control stations are activated simultaneously. Once activated, The SafePath System surrounds both sides of the folding partition with invisible detection zones. The zones form a blanket of coverage that, when intruded, halts operation and sounds and alarm.

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With over 30 years of experience working with every type of moving partition, has developed the Safe Path System - the finest, most affordable life safety system available today, which fully complies with New York State, Maryland, and Virginia Education Laws.


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